Transition area

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The transitioning area is situated on the green area in Øster Voldgade.

From the swimming leg of the triathlon, the athletes will run up an embankment before entering the transitioning area in the south-eastern corner. After this, the athletes will run across the length of the zone before exiting unto the biking course using the north-western exit from the transition area.

Once the athlete enters the finishing area after their last round of the biking course, the athletes will be required to turn around a cone. After this, they will continue approximately 50 meters off the course, before turning down the road that runs along the beach. The return trip parallel to the beach is completed at Øster Voldgade, where there is a sharp right turn that runs into the transitioning area.

Once the biking course is completed, the athletes will once again enter the transitioning area from the south-eastern corner. The bicycles will be placed on the athlete’s bikestand, and the athlete will continue towards the north-western corner, where there is an exit unto the running course.

Just before the exit to the running course, there will be a penalty box in which an athlete that has been penalized is to wait out the penalty. It is the athlete’s own responsibility to carry out their penalty.